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Remapping service completed by our team of professionals. Why consider our Engine Control Unit remapping service? We can help increase your vehicle's performance and improve its fuel consumption.

However your type of engine will depend on just how much extra power you can get, Once we have remapped your vehicle, you can typically expect to get the following increases in power to your car:
  • +35% Extra Power for Turbo fitted Diesel Engines
  • +25% Extra Power for Turbo fitted Petrol Engines
  • +12% Extra Power for Standard Petrol Engines
  • +8% Extra Power for Standard Diesel Engines
We can remap a wide majority of makes and models. For clarification please do not hesitate to contact us.

From the middle of 2009 we have been introduced to the protected Bosch EDC17 & MED17 using an Infineon Tricore processor, it is common for people to have been told that these new Tricore ECU’s cannot be remapped because the actual ECU itself is “Locked” or the vehicle has “Tuning Protection”. Both of these statements are not true, there is no such thing as a “Locked” or “Anti-tuning” software.

However there are many poorly equipped tuners who have lack of knowledge of the latest systems and would rather say that it is not possible to complete instead of admitting that they are unsure.

Here at Chapel Hill Auto Services, we have a safe and reliable solution for programming these ECU’s this is via a Bootloader technique as pictured above which involves the removal of the ECU from the vehicle and making a direct connection allowing the reading and writing of the Tricore processor. This is the only safe way to remap any EDC17 or MED17 ECU. This is because these ECU’s were introduced without any protection which would then allow OBD flashing. During normal servicing or warranty repairs, the dealers do have the ability update the old non protected software with the new “Anti-tuning” versions. Where this is the case, any attempts to reprogram your ECU via the OBD (On-Board-Diagnostics) can cause fatal damage to your ECU.

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